Harvest more energy with safe, reliable and affordable PV (Photovoltaic) Systems from Sunrise Solar Solutions

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The Right Time

Solar systems are a clean, efficient and sustainable way to power your home or business.

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Annual & Cummulative Savings

The Right Cost

Payback on solar can be as soon as 4 - 6 years, or be cash positive on Day 1 with our financing options.

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The Right Technology

We include a lifetime, web-based monitoring package as part of our system.

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Sunrise Solar Solutions Staff Installation

The Right Company

We deliver the most energy efficient, safe and economical solutions to our customers.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar electric systems generate electricity silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar panels generating DC electricity. That DC electricity is converted into household 120/240V AC electricity by the inverters.

The AC electricity is fed into your electric meter and circuit breaker panel. The electricity either goes to your appliances and lights, or to the grid, or some to each. This all happens silently and automatically every day.

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Real Quotes from Real Clients

Dealing with Lee S. L. from Sunrise was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable and patient responding to questions and concerns. 

John Sarcone

Sunrise not only builds great PV systems, they helped us evaluate our portfolio of properties and determine which buildings would work best for solar.

Bill Balter, Wilder Balter Partners

Doug and his crew are very personable and educated. They will explain and answer everything for you so you feel very confident about your decision.

Jennifer Hentel

The installation was also seamless... I would highly recommend Sunrise over any other provider in the area!

Alessandro Rafanelli

Sunrise handled absolutely all the paperwork and made my life easy.  They even processed my Federal paperwork and got me my grant money.

Bob, NY based Real Estate Developer

The on-line system is so easy though - it shows when an SREC is credited to my account... The bottom line is the system is making us thousands every year.

Steve H.

The whole job was done in 5 days and solar panels were running by noon on the last day... we love our electric bills now!!

Jennifer Hentel

One of the best feelings is watching my meter go backwards. When the sun is shining, I'm selling electricity back to my overpriced utility.

Steve H., Short Hills, NY

The panels are aesthetically pleasing and now that we are past a year into installation we have seen the electrical cost savings that they projected.

Bob & Laura Mogil

Give us a call at 914-762-7622

Speak to a real live human and begin your seamless, positive solar panel experience.  We will show you the way to success!

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